This Week

My girlfriend was in from Seattle last weekend, and we did one of my favorite things to do in the city, shop the Flea Markets! There are a few great ones in the Manhattan. On the top of my list is the Antiques Garage on West 25th Street between 6th and 7th Ave in Chelsea, open Saturdays […]

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The Shaolin Women

Wow!  I just love New York. You never know what you are going to see when walking the streets. While on a tour yesterday i saw a middle aged chinese woman with a samurai sword practicing her moves on the sidewalk . Why, who, what? Yes, that was my reaction. I’ve seen a lot of […]

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Tavern on Jane

Downtown in Greenwich Village there is a quaint restaurant, Tavern on Jane (31 8th Avenue at Jane Street). Great neighborhood bar, very cozy, dimly lit, and mid-range prices. The salmon, the hamburger, the turkey burger, and cobb salad are our favorites. The bar is co-owned by Horton Foote Jr. who is the son of the […]

Trattoria Dopo Teatro

In midtown can be tough to find good places for a nice dinner. TGI Fridays, The Olive Garden, please no. In the midtown area we have found a gem of an Italian place called Trattoria Dopo Teatro (125 West 44th Street between 6th Avenue and Broadway). The food is fantastic, the prices reasonable, and the […]

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This Week

Finally! The South Ferry Station is open! I know some of you non locals might not be as excited, but we New Yorkers wait years for changes like this to our metro system. The MTA’s Arts for Transit program has done amazing things, including a map mosaic of Manhattan and glass walls with silhouettes of […]

Law & Order

One of the great things about living in New York is being able to recognize all the sites used in movies and television shows. It seems like tourists always relate and identify landmarks from film and television. Amber and I are shamelessly addicted to Law & Order. We just can’t help it. We love sitting […]

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Subway Entertainment

Amber and I are huge promoter of broadway and off broadway theater in NYC, but sometimes the best entertainment in the city is totally free. The subway is often a great stage for street performers to make a buck and i love when they pull all of us straphangers out of our heads and make […]

This Week

Tuesday the 17th is St. Patrick’s Day, and if you are up for the crowds and craziness you can head to 5th Avenue from 50th Street to 86th Street at 11am for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Luke and I prefer more low key options, and our picks for the day are St. Dymphna’s (118 […]

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Luke and I live in the area, and we love heading to Chinatown for an evening out. Our first stop is Joe’s Ginger at 25 Pell Street for their famous soup dumplings. Joe’s Shanghai is just down the street and is very popular though what most people don’t know is that both restaurants have the […]

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Fuerza Bruta at The Daryll Roth Theater

If you are visiting NYC and not looking for the traditional broadway experience, boy do i have a treat for you. Fuerza Bruta is playing at  The Daryl Roth Theater at 101 East 15th street and it is the most energetic, visually stimulating, mind blowing, theatrical experience i have seen in a long time. There […]

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