How to buy a metrocard

There are many different options when buying a metrocard but lets stick to the two most basic options. You can buy an “UNLIMITED” or a “REGULAR” metrocard.

Lets begin with buying a “REGULAR” metrocard.  A “regular” card means that you can buy a single ride which is $2.00, nurse or buy a specific amount of rides. For instance, for sale lets say you have figured out that you will be riding the subway 8 times, cialis you can then put $16 , the exact amount for eight rides on your metrocard. Another option is to go with one of the bonus options the MTA gives you. For example if you buy a $10 card the MTA gives you a $1.50 bonus. If you buy $20 card they give you a $3.00 bonus on that card. These options are all under  the “Regular” metrocard option.

Now lets explore an “UNLIMITED” metrocard. Please remember that you can only use your unlimited card in 20 minute intervals. This prevents people from buying one card and swiping their whole family, extended family and all their friends in at one time. So remember, “One unlimited card per person.” Unlimited cards can be purchased for a day, week, or month.

“Unlimited Day Card”  $7.50 – If you think you might be riding the subway more then 4 times throughout the day, a daily unlimited card is the way to go.

“Unlimited Weekly”  $25.00 – If you are in NYC for a week or close to it, and anticipate using the subway to get around most of the time, the unlimited weekly is the way to go.

“Unlimited Monthly” $81.00- This is the best option for anyone staying in NYC for an extended period of time and will be using the subway daily. I recently tallied that i saved $120 in a month when buying an unlimited monthly card. Not bad!  

So thats it. It might seem a little confusing the first time you buy a card. A lot of different options come up but just keep it simple by remembering the two basic options of “Regular” and “Unlimited.” Also, you can use your metrocard on New York City buses as well.  You can also check out our “How to Buy a Metrocard” video below.


  1. Good information here. If you take the metro more than 10 times a week you are better off with the unlimited card but it is also important to note that the unlimited card does NOT work on the PATH trains. The pay-per-ride metro card does work however, so just keep that in mind.

  2. Donna at

    Love the video of riding the subway – Excellent information on how to purchase your ticket.

  3. Mina at

    Very clear informations ! Even for a no first time visitor.
    I have a question on how to travel between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Do we need another type of ticket ? If yes, what would be the price ? Thanks a lot.

  4. Layla at

    Thanks for posting this! It’s really helpful. How about some help navigating the different transit systems in NYC? I.e. transit, subways, buses etc?

    Thanks so much!

  5. rogerson19 at

    There are many different options when buying a metrocard but lets stick to the two most basic options. You can buy an

  6. Tracy at

    Does an unlimited weekly metrocard begin the day of purchase or the first time you swipe your card?

  7. Jacques Morel at

    I’m from Canada.
    I want to buy a metro card with my visa card. They ask me for my Zip code!
    I do not have a zip code.
    What to do????


  8. Hey Jacques you can totally bi-pass the one security detail they have by just simply hitting the “Enter” button when it asks you for you zip code.

  9. Mario at

    When you wanna buy an unlimited metro card by using a credit card, the machine will ask you for your ZIP code, alright. But what if you are not an American and therefore have no US zip code?…no zip code number insertion needed then?

  10. Cassiano at

    Hello! Your video is very good! Thank you for the information! I’d like to know if I a child of 6 year old has to pay to ride by metro.

  11. Luke at

    Hey Cassiano, under age 3 years old or under 44 inches tall can ride for free. Thanks for the comment.


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