Here today, Gone tomorrow : 5 Pointz – The Institute for Higher Burning

If you’re coming to NYC in the next couple months I urge you to visit one of the most unique spots in the city while it’s still around to see! 5 Pointz is a outdoor art exhibit created to showcase graffiti artists from the 5 boroughs. It’s now turned into a “graffiti mecca” for aerosol artists from all over the world. Unfortunately the owner of the building, an old factory, has decided to convert the space into apartments.  Much of the wildly creative pieces will be destroyed with only a small percent remaining. Sadly,  space will no longer be a canvas for artistic expression. So, if you’re lucky to visit the city in the next year then take a trip to see the amazing art at 5Pointz before it’s gone. 


Read more about the 5Pointz on their website and check out this article from Curbed on the closure.



Here’s a map with the nearest subway stops in Long Island City







  1. Going to NYC in march, will it still be there?

  2. Thanks Kristy, I will keep my fingers crossed too! 🙂

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