Have you seen Banksy yet?

Notorious graffiti artist Banksy has taken up residency in New York for the month of October! Each day he’s made his mark on Gotham’s landscape with a new sculpture or graffiti piece. Unfortunately, the NYPD has promised to prosecute him if he’s caught and many of his pieces have been defaced mere hours after they’re created. Banksy’s art earns a pretty penny when on the market so naturally some owners are protecting his work when they appear. One day he set up a stand outside Central Park and sold mini pieces for mere $60, way under what the sell for! The Village Voice has posted a great map of his work so far and you can view each piece on the artist’s Instagram page. Take a look and try to catch some while you’re in town!


Twin Towers tribute (to scale!) in Tribeca, appearing on Gothamist.com



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