What to See: The Downtown Loop by Ben Gassman (one of our amazing guides!)

Lion King, Book of Mormon, Chicago, Wicked and more! Broadway is bursting with entertainment to delight you and your family. Unfortunately those delights come with heavy cost and  hundreds stand in line at the TKTS booth every week to try to get a small discount. New visitors to NYC may not know that there is […]

Have you seen Banksy yet?

Notorious graffiti artist Banksy has taken up residency in New York for the month of October! Each day he’s made his mark on Gotham’s landscape with a new sculpture or graffiti piece. Unfortunately, the NYPD has promised to prosecute him if he’s caught and many of his pieces have been defaced mere hours after they’re […]

Here today, Gone tomorrow : 5 Pointz – The Institute for Higher Burning

If you’re coming to NYC in the next couple months I urge you to visit one of the most unique spots in the city while it’s still around to see! 5 Pointz is a outdoor art exhibit created to showcase graffiti artists from the 5 boroughs. It’s now turned into a “graffiti mecca” for aerosol […]

How to see NYC: The Tenement Museum and Lower East Side

   Located in the Lower East Side, The Tenement Museum enlightens guests to the hardships and daily struggles of immigrant  life in NYC. From 1863-1935, the 97 Orchard Street apartment building was home to hundreds of immigrants working day and night to make ends meet in their new home.  The museum’s mission is to: “promote […]

The Shaolin Women

Wow!  I just love New York. You never know what you are going to see when walking the streets. While on a tour yesterday i saw a middle aged chinese woman with a samurai sword practicing her moves on the sidewalk . Why, who, what? Yes, that was my reaction. I’ve seen a lot of […]

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Law & Order

One of the great things about living in New York is being able to recognize all the sites used in movies and television shows. It seems like tourists always relate and identify landmarks from film and television. Amber and I are shamelessly addicted to Law & Order. We just can’t help it. We love sitting […]

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Subway Entertainment

Amber and I are huge promoter of broadway and off broadway theater in NYC, but sometimes the best entertainment in the city is totally free. The subway is often a great stage for street performers to make a buck and i love when they pull all of us straphangers out of our heads and make […]