How to make the most of your NYC trip!

        Let’s face it, NYC  can be intimidating. It’s a huge metropolis condensed on a tiny island that spills over into 3 other fascinating boroughs. There’s a plethora of museums, more great restaurants than room in your stomach, and major attractions to keep you busy for days. Planning a trip here can […]

Wintertime Tips!

Brrrrrr! Here in NYC we’re going through our second polar vortex. What does that mean? The unscientific explanation is that it’s really cold! Lower temperatures combined with a wind chill can make it feel like it’s only 6F (-14C) with night temperatures dropping below zero at times. We’ve also had quite a bit more snow […]

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Insider tips: How to buy a Subway MetroCard

Buying a MetroCard doesn’t have to be difficult. We’re here to help you navigate the tunnels like a pro! Where to Buy MetroCards:  – Any subway station via machine or teller – Some merchants sell select cards. Grocery stores or newsstands who do will have a MetroCard posted in their window. – You cannot purchase MetroCards on buses […]

NYC Update: Viewing the Statue of Liberty

Did you know the Statue or Liberty and Ellis Island are considered National Parks? It’s a fun fact that’s not so fun at the moment. The current bickering in Washington has caused a government shutdown. Without Federal funding all National Parks close down which means your vacation just hit a snag if you were planning […]

It’s show time!

Going to see a Broadway show has been a favorite past time for tourists and locals alike for many years. I remember how excited I was when my parents bought me tickets to my first show: Les Miserables. I was so taken with city and the show; it all felt magical. Flash forward 20 years […]

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Here today, Gone tomorrow : 5 Pointz – The Institute for Higher Burning

If you’re coming to NYC in the next couple months I urge you to visit one of the most unique spots in the city while it’s still around to see! 5 Pointz is a outdoor art exhibit created to showcase graffiti artists from the 5 boroughs. It’s now turned into a “graffiti mecca” for aerosol […]

How to see NYC: The Tenement Museum and Lower East Side

   Located in the Lower East Side, The Tenement Museum enlightens guests to the hardships and daily struggles of immigrant  life in NYC. From 1863-1935, the 97 Orchard Street apartment building was home to hundreds of immigrants working day and night to make ends meet in their new home.  The museum’s mission is to: “promote […]

Plan your visit to: The 9/11 Memorial

With over 9,000 people visiting everyday, the 9/11 Memorial is quickly becoming one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city.  We don’t include the Memorial on our tours but it’s easy to explore on your own. Here’s some tips for making the most out of your visit and a map to help you […]

Big Apple Apps!

My cell phone is smarter than I am. I’ll admit it. I can only hope its intelligence will someday rub off on me. In the meantime I plan on using it to its fullest potential: making my life easier!  Here’s a couple of apps that will help make your visit to NYC stress free. They’re […]

Get to know NYC!

New York City can be intimidating, especially if you’re visiting for the first time. Our tours are designed to show you some of the best tourist attractions as well as hidden gems that only locals know about! We’re also happy to make recommendations for things to do, places to eat, and ways to get around. […]

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